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Meet Solana

Solana has been an Esthetician since 2008 (graduate of Greenwood Academy of Skincare) and a Massage Therapist since 2013 (graduate of Cortiva Institute of Massage). Her passion for skincare is based on her firm belief that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL in your own skin.  Organic facials and sugaring hair-removal services enhance the beauty that is inherent to YOU and support the strength and resilience of your skin’s ever-evolving needs.

As a massage therapist, Solana meets each client where they are at on the day of their service.  Solana is highly intuitive with energy, and her bodywork treatments reflect that.  Solana creates a safe space for the “real you” to receive the healing you need at any given time.  The pain of stress and trauma (both physical and emotional) can be released when we let our guard down, and it is Solana’s sincere hope that her clients will trust her enough to journey into their own healing with her.

When Solana isn’t offering services at Solana Skincare and Massage, she is parenting two wonderful and hilarious teenage boys, cuddling with her cats Monty and Tova, practicing yoga, playing harmonium and writing songs and poetry.

Approach To The Body

Everyone’s body has a story to tell, many stories in fact.  The body is an incredible vessel that protects us in a myriad of ways.  We have all experienced times of high stress, trauma, emotional pain and physical ailment.  The body deserves and needs to be able to release the things it has been holding onto.  This means relaxing and easing tension out of tight muscles, it means releasing emotions and memories being held in our internal organs, and it means connecting to the quiet space within that is so often overlooked.

When we find ways to connect with this inner-spaciousness, we somehow begin to experience greater spaciousness in our lives: spaciousness in the body, spaciousness in our thoughts and emotional responses, spaciousness in our very heart center.

I feel very honored to be providing the medicine of bodywork to my clients.  May I support you in your healing and in tapping into your own wealth of spaciousness.



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